Healing our bodies, healing our communities

Spine Institute and Care S.C.

SPINE INSTITUTE AND CARE SHARE COMPANY is dedicated to creating care systems that enhance and support the body’s capacity to heal itself. We carry this philosophy into our work and we strive to be a member of our community that brings healing through our various services, voluntary initiatives, and exemplary business ethics and practices.

Our Patients choose us because have proven for over 20 years that our care model works and thus, they trust us to bring healing not only to their bodies but to their understanding and relationship with their bodies, inspiring them toward a long-term and holistic self-care.

Patients always feel and appreciate our healing services as

  • Heart centered
  • Intelligent
  • And generous

This is why despite very little advertising, we continue to thrive. Our patients brag about us and refer us to their friends and families.

They are interested in us because we deliver on our healing promise and they enjoy our heart-centered, intelligent, and generous care.

What we do?

Almost everyone at one point or another in their life suffers from physiological aches and pains (neuro-Musculo-skeletal problems) that can impact the quality of their life in minor and server ways. Whether this is caused by something such as a spinal birth defect, arteritis, disabilities due to accidents and strokes or lifestyle and age onset diseases and infirmities, our care portfolio is carefully designed to ensure that patients who are suffering from neuro-Musculo- skeletal related diseases and problem receive the necessary intervention toward their improved health and optimal wellness. 

What makes us Different

It is our historical fact that SPINE INSTITUTE AND CARE SHARE COMPANY is a pioneering initiative in the health sector in Ethiopia. Not only are we the first to introduced Chiropractic care over 20 years ago, we are also the longest running company offering neuro-Musculo-skeletal therapy services in Ethiopia. The secrete to our long-term success has always been our deep and unique understanding of the human body and its healing mechanisms which we activate with our heart centred, intelligent and generous care systems coupled with state-of-the-art health services and products. Our patients know and come to us not only for our healing care which produces almost miraculous results but also for our persistent and continued efforts as their partners in healing

Our Companies

1st Spine Clinics (Outpatient Service)

Spine Institute And Care Hospital (Under Development)

Happiness Seniors Home And Care (Under Development)

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